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Also known as Necrasofca-Veche, Necrasovca-Veche, Nekrasovka-Veke
The timezone in Staraya Nekrasovka is Europe/Belgrade
Sunrise at 05:58 and Sunset at 16:38. It's light

Latitude. 45.3333°, Longitude. 28.9333°
WeatherWeather near Staraya Nekrasovka; Report from Tulcea, 40.3km away
Weather :
Temperature: -2°C / 28°F Temperature Below Zero
Wind: 11.5km/h North
Cloud: Scattered at 10000ft Broken at 12000ft Broken at 13000ft

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Airports close to Staraya Nekrasovka

Cataloi(TCE), Tulcea, Romania (40.3km)
Mihail kogalniceanu(CND), Constanta, Romania (132.3km)
Chisinau(KIV), Kichinau fir/acc/com, Moldova (204.7km)
Odesa(ODS), Odessa, Russia (210.5km)

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