Traveling Luck for Port-Eynon Swansea, United Kingdom United Kingdom flag

Alternatively known as Fort Eynon, Porth Eynon

The timezone in Port-Eynon is Europe/London
Morning Sunrise at 06:48 and Evening Sunset at 17:13. It's Dark
Rough GPS position Latitude. 51.5469°, Longitude. -4.2136°

Weather near Port-Eynon Last report from St Athan Royal Air Force Base, 62.8km away

Weather Temperature: 11°C / 52°F
Wind: 1.2km/h West/Northwest
Cloud: No cloud detected

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populated place a city, town, village, or other agglomeration of buildings where people live and work.

castle a large fortified building or set of buildings.

point a tapering piece of land projecting into a body of water, less prominent than a cape.

bay a coastal indentation between two capes or headlands, larger than a cove but smaller than a gulf.

Accommodation around Port-Eynon

Culver House Hotel Port Eynon, Gower

Cafe Valance 50 Newton Road, Swansea

Slade Barn Bettis Meadow, Swansea

channel the deepest part of a stream, bay, lagoon, or strait, through which the main current flows.

island a tract of land, smaller than a continent, surrounded by water at high water.

cape a land area, more prominent than a point, projecting into the sea and marking a notable change in coastal direction.

airport a place where aircraft regularly land and take off, with runways, navigational aids, and major facilities for the commercial handling of passengers and cargo.

building(s) a structure built for permanent use, as a house, factory, etc..

tower a high conspicuous structure, typically much higher than its diameter.

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Swansea(SWS), Swansea, England (13.4km)
Cardiff(CWL), Cardiff, Wales (70km)
Bristol(BRS), Bristol, England (117.6km)
Exeter(EXT), Exeter, England (118.8km)
Bristol filton(FZO), Bristol, England (125.6km)

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Chivenor, Chivenor, England (57.3km)
St athan, St. athan, U.k. (62.8km)
Haverfordwest, Haverfordwest, England (67.6km)
Llanbedr, Llanbedr, England (156.4km)
Kemble, Pailton, U.k. (167.2km)