Traveling Luck for Santurce-Antiguo Pais Vasco, Spain Spain flag

Alternatively known as Santurce, Santurtzi

The timezone in Santurce-Antiguo is Africa/Algiers
Morning Sunrise at 08:35 and Evening Sunset at 17:36. It's Dark
Rough GPS position Latitude. 43.3333°, Longitude. -3.0333°

Weather near Santurce-Antiguo Last report from Bilbao / Sondica, 12.5km away

Weather Temperature: 11°C / 52°F
Wind: 10.4km/h Northwest gusting to 21.9km/h
Cloud: Scattered at 2500ft Broken at 3500ft Broken at 5000ft

Satellite map of Santurce-Antiguo and it's surroudings...

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Accommodation around Santurce-Antiguo

NH Palacio De Oriol Avda. Cristobal Murrieta 27, Santurce

NH Palacio de Oriol Avenida Cristobal Murrieta, 27, Santurtzi

NH La Avanzada Paseo Landabarri 5, Leioa

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Airports close to Santurce-Antiguo

Bilbao(BIO), Bilbao, Spain (12.5km)
Vitoria(VIT), Vitoria, Spain (66.1km)
Santander(SDR), Santander, Spain (76.1km)
San sebastian(EAS), San sebastian, Spain (118.8km)
Anglet(BIQ), Biarritz-bayonne, France (145.2km)

Airfields or small strips close to Santurce-Antiguo

Burgos, Burgos, Spain (140.2km)
Mimizan, Mimizan, France (205.5km)
Cazaux, Cazaux, France (238.3km)