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Also known as Nordstatlandet
The timezone in Nord-Statland is Europe/Oslo
Sunrise at 07:53 and Sunset at 17:06. It's Dark

Latitude. 64.5000°, Longitude. 11.1667°

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Airports close to Nord-Statland

Trondheim vaernes(TRD), Trondheim, Norway (122.2km)
Orland(OLA), Orland, Norway (122.9km)
Bronnoy(BNN), Bronnoysund, Norway (122.9km)
Kjaerstad(MJF), Mosjoen, Norway (179.7km)
Stokka(SSJ), Sandnessjoen, Norway (180.7km)

Airfields or small airports close to Nord-Statland

Hemavan, Hemavan, Sweden (244.2km)

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