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The timezone in Chak Forty-seven-Two L is Asia/Karachi
Sunrise at 07:04 and Sunset at 17:27. It's Dark

Latitude. 30.7528°, Longitude. 73.5264°

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Airports close to Chak Forty-seven-Two L

Faisalabad international(LYP), Faisalabad, Pakistan (111km)
Allama iqbal international(LHE), Lahore, Pakistan (156.3km)
Amritsar(ATQ), Amritsar, India (210.6km)

Airfields or small airports close to Chak Forty-seven-Two L

Okara, Okara, Pakistan (21.3km)
Walton, Lahore, Pakistan (148.6km)
Rafiqui, Shorekote, Pakistan (156.5km)
Bhatinda, Bhatinda, India (170.7km)

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