Traveling Luck for Sūq al Jum`ah, Ţarābulus, Libya

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Also known as Sugh el Giumaa, Suk el Giuma, Suq al-Jum'a
The timezone in Suq al Jum`ah is Africa/Tripoli
Sunrise at 07:44 and Sunset at 18:57. It's Dark

Latitude. 32.8833°, Longitude. 13.2333°
WeatherWeather near Sūq al Jum`ah; Report from MITIGA, null 6.5km away
Weather :
Temperature: 10°C / 50°F
Wind: 4.6km/h Southwest
Cloud: Scattered at 2000ft

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Airports close to Sūq al Jum`ah

Tripoli international(TIP), Tripoli, Libya (32.7km)

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