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The timezone in El Saco is America/Caracas
Sunrise at 06:34 and Sunset at 18:11. It's Dark

Latitude. 10.6850°, Longitude. -62.8183°
WeatherWeather near El Saco; Report from Carupano / Gen. Jose, 81.3km away
Weather :
Wind: 0km/h

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Airports close to El Saco

General jose francisco bermudez(CUP), Carupano, Venezuela (81.3km)
Guiria(GUI), Guiria, Venezuela (94.9km)
Maturin(MUN), Maturin, Venezuela (185km)
Antonio jose de sucre(CUM), Cumana, Venezuela (244.6km)

Airfields or small airports close to El Saco

Andres miguel salazar marcano, Isla de coche, Venezuela (213.7km)

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