Traveling Luck for Ami Grande Cotopaxi, Ecuador Ecuador flag

Alternatively known as Cerro Ami

The timezone in Ami Grande is America/Thule
Morning Sunrise at 07:13 and Evening Sunset at 19:18. It's Dark
Rough GPS position Latitude. -0.6833°, Longitude. -78.5000°

Weather near Ami Grande Last report from Latacunga, 55.9km away

Weather Temperature: 9°C / 48°F
Wind: 9.2km/h South
Cloud: Broken at 3000ft

Satellite map of Ami Grande and it's surroudings...

Geographic features & Photographs around Ami Grande in Cotopaxi, Ecuador

stream a body of running water moving to a lower level in a channel on land.

intermittent stream a water course which dries up in the dry season.

mountain an elevation standing high above the surrounding area with small summit area, steep slopes and local relief of 300m or more.

populated place a city, town, village, or other agglomeration of buildings where people live and work.

Accommodation around Ami Grande

Hacienda Santa Ana Near Cotopaxi National Park, Machachi

Hosteria Papagayo Panamericana Norte KM 26, Machachi

Hosteria La CiĂŠnega Pan Americana km 72, Cotopaxi

railroad station a facility comprising ticket office, platforms, etc. for loading and unloading train passengers and freight.

upland an extensive interior region of high land with low to moderate surface relief.

slope(s) a surface with a relatively uniform slope angle.

volcano a conical elevation composed of volcanic materials with a crater at the top.

lake a large inland body of standing water.

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Airports close to Ami Grande

Chachoan(ATF), Ambato, Ecuador (119km)
Mariscal sucre international(UIO), Quito, Ecuador (119.7km)

Airfields or small strips close to Ami Grande

Cotopaxi international, Latacunga, Ecuador (55.9km)
Mayor galo torres, Tena, Ecuador (166.6km)
Santo domingo los colorados, Santo domingo, Ecuador (185.7km)