Traveling Luck for Herbert C Bonner Bridge North Carolina, United States United States flag

The timezone in Herbert C Bonner Bridge is America/Iqaluit
Morning Sunrise at 08:01 and Evening Sunset at 17:48. It's light
Rough GPS position Latitude. 35.7767°, Longitude. -75.5425°

Weather near Herbert C Bonner Bridge Last report from Kill Devil Hills, First Flight Airport, NC 61.9km away

Weather drizzle Temperature: 8°C / 46°F
Wind: 15km/h North/Northeast gusting to 31.1km/h
Cloud: Broken at 1600ft Solid Overcast at 2000ft

Satellite map of Herbert C Bonner Bridge and it's surroudings...

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island a tract of land, smaller than a continent, surrounded by water at high water.

cape a land area, more prominent than a point, projecting into the sea and marking a notable change in coastal direction.

bay a coastal indentation between two capes or headlands, larger than a cove but smaller than a gulf.

channel the deepest part of a stream, bay, lagoon, or strait, through which the main current flows.

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Comfort Inn South Oceanfront 8031 S Old Oregon Inlet Rd, Nags Head

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Local Feature A Nearby feature worthy of being marked on a map..

inlet a narrow waterway extending into the land, or connecting a bay or lagoon with a larger body of water.

stream a body of running water moving to a lower level in a channel on land.

bridge a structure erected across an obstacle such as a stream, road, etc., in order to carry roads, railroads, and pedestrians across.

park an area, often of forested land, maintained as a place of beauty, or for recreation.

beach a shore zone of coarse unconsolidated sediment that extends from the low-water line to the highest reach of storm waves.

forest(s) an area dominated by tree vegetation.

bench a long, narrow bedrock platform bounded by steeper slopes above and below, usually overlooking a waterbody.

meteorological station a station at which weather elements are recorded.

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