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The timezone in Coyote Hole is America/Whitehorse
Morning Sunrise at 07:01 and Evening Sunset at 17:05. It's Dark
Rough GPS position Latitude. 37.7972°, Longitude. -117.8044° , Elevation. 1972m

Weather near Coyote Hole Last report from Hawthorne Municipal, NV 45km away

Weather Temperature: 1°C / 34°F
Wind: 3.5km/h Southeast
Cloud: Broken at 2500ft Broken at 3000ft Solid Overcast at 7500ft

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mine(s) a site where mineral ores are extracted from the ground by excavating surface pits and subterranean passages.

spring(s) a place where ground water flows naturally out of the ground.

Local Feature A Nearby feature worthy of being marked on a map..

valley an elongated depression usually traversed by a stream.

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ridge(s) a long narrow elevation with steep sides, and a more or less continuous crest.

mountain an elevation standing high above the surrounding area with small summit area, steep slopes and local relief of 300m or more.

populated place a city, town, village, or other agglomeration of buildings where people live and work.

post office a public building in which mail is received, sorted and distributed.

administrative division an administrative division of a country, undifferentiated as to administrative level.

well a cylindrical hole, pit, or tunnel drilled or dug down to a depth from which water, oil, or gas can be pumped or brought to the surface.

gap a low place in a ridge, not used for transportation.

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