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The timezone in New Jerusalem Baptist Church is America/Rankin_Inlet
Sunrise at 07:37 and Sunset at 17:11. It's light

Latitude. 37.7128°, Longitude. -97.3100°
WeatherWeather near New Jerusalem Baptist Church; Report from Wichita, Colonel James Jabara Airport, KS 10km away
Weather :
Temperature: 13°C / 55°F
Wind: 21.9km/h South gusting to 29.9km/h
Cloud: Sky Clear

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an area, often of forested land, maintained as a place of beauty, or for recreation.
a burial place or ground.
a body of running water moving to a lower level in a channel on land.
a high conspicuous structure, typically much higher than its diameter.

Airports close to New Jerusalem Baptist Church

Mc connell afb(IAB), Wichita, Usa (13.2km)
Wichita mid continent(ICT), Wichita, Usa (15.9km)
Ponca city muni(PNC), Ponca city, Usa (136.9km)
Marshall aaf(FRI), Fort riley, Usa (191.8km)
Vance afb(END), Enid, Usa (200.5km)

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