Traveling Luck for South Central Drain Five California, United States United States flag

The timezone in South Central Drain Five is America/Whitehorse
Morning Sunrise at 06:43 and Evening Sunset at 17:01. It's light
Rough GPS position Latitude. 32.6858°, Longitude. -115.4081°

Weather near South Central Drain Five Last report from Mexicali International Airport , 21.7km away

Weather Temperature: 22°C / 72°F
Wind: 15km/h North
Cloud: Few at 16000ft Solid Overcast at 20000ft

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canal an artificial watercourse.

populated place a city, town, village, or other agglomeration of buildings where people live and work.

school building(s) where instruction in one or more branches of knowledge takes place.

ranch(es) a large farm specializing in extensive grazing of livestock.

Accommodation around South Central Drain Five

Calafia Hotel 1495 Justo Sierra, Fracc. Los Pinos, Mexicali

City Express Mexicali Blvd Benito Juarez 134, Mexicali

Hotel Lucerna Mexicali Boulevard Benito Juarez 2151, Mexicali

tower a high conspicuous structure, typically much higher than its diameter.

airfield a place on land where aircraft land and take off; no facilities provided for the commercial handling of passengers and cargo.

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Calexico international(CXL), Calexico, Usa (12.9km)
General rodolfo sanchez taboada international(MXL), Mexicali, Mexico (21.7km)
Imperial co(IPL), Imperial, Usa (29.6km)
El centro naf(NJK), El centro, Usa (37.9km)
Yuma mcas yuma international(YUM), Yuma, Usa (97.2km)