Traveling Luck for Hicks School (historical) Arkansas, United States United States flag

The timezone in Hicks School (historical) is America/Rankin_Inlet
Morning Sunrise at 07:01 and Evening Sunset at 16:54. It's light
Rough GPS position Latitude. 34.5561°, Longitude. -90.9811° , Elevation. 55m

Weather near Hicks School (historical) Last report from Stuttgart, Stuttgart Municipal Airport, AR 70.7km away

Weather Temperature: 7°C / 45°F
Wind: 10.4km/h Southwest
Cloud: Broken at 3900ft Solid Overcast at 6500ft

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church a building for public Christian worship.

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cemetery a burial place or ground.

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BEST WESTERN INN 1053 Highway 49 West, West Helena

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swamp a wetland dominated by tree vegetation.

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Memphis international(MEM), Memphis, Usa (134.8km)
Little rock afb(LRF), Jacksonville, Usa (144.3km)
Adams fld(LIT), Little rock, Usa (146.4km)
Robinson aaf(RBM), Robinson, Usa (158.4km)