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The timezone in Cano Hondo is America/Santo_Domingo
Sunrise at 07:23 and Sunset at 18:33. It's Dark

Latitude. 19.7667°, Longitude. -71.6667°
WeatherWeather near Caño Hondo; Report from Cap-Haitien, 82.3km away
Weather :
Temperature: 27°C / 81°F
Wind: 11.5km/h North
Cloud: Scattered Cumulonimbus at 2500ft Broken at 6000ft

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Airports close to Caño Hondo

Cap haitien(CAP), Cap haitien, Haiti (82.3km)
Gregorio luperon international(POP), Puerto plata, Dominican republic (170.6km)
Cibao international(STI), Santiago, Dominican republic (174.1km)

Airfields or small airports close to Caño Hondo

Constanza, Constanza, Dominican republic (205.2km)

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