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The timezone in Sylvan Lake Provincial Park is America/Cambridge_Bay
Sunrise at 08:32 and Sunset at 17:03. It's Dark

Latitude. 52.3168°, Longitude. -114.0853°
WeatherWeather near Sylvan Lake Provincial Park; Report from Red Deer, Alta., 22.4km away
Weather :
Temperature: -16°C / 3°F Temperature Below Zero
Wind: 0km/h North
Cloud: Sky Clear

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Airports close to Sylvan Lake Provincial Park

Red deer regional(YQF), Red deer industrial, Canada (22.4km)
Rocky mountain house(YRM), Rocky mountain house, Canada (63.4km)
Edmonton international(YEG), Edmonton, Canada (127.9km)
Calgary international(YYC), Calgary, Canada (149.1km)
Edmonton city centre(YXD), Edmonton, Canada (160.1km)

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