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The timezone in Iveys Crossing is America/Cambridge_Bay
Sunrise at 07:03 and Sunset at 17:25. It's Dark

Latitude. 31.3972°, Longitude. -106.0578°
WeatherWeather near Iveys Crossing; Report from Ciudad Juarez International , 57.5km away
Weather :
Temperature: 6°C / 43°F
Wind: 3.5km/h
Cloud: Broken at 9000ft Broken at 20000ft

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Airports close to Iveys Crossing

Abraham gonzalez international(CJS), Ciudad juarez, Mexico (57.5km)
El paso international(ELP), El paso, Usa (71.2km)
Biggs aaf(BIF), El paso, Usa (76.5km)
Condron aaf(WSD), White sands, Usa (142.6km)

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