Traveling Luck for Todd Ferry Texas, United States United States flag

The timezone in Todd Ferry is America/Rankin_Inlet
Morning Sunrise at 05:20 and Evening Sunset at 19:21. It's light
Rough GPS position Latitude. 29.3100°, Longitude. -94.7972°

Weather near Todd Ferry Last report from Galveston, Scholes Field, TX 10.5km away

Weather thunderstorm in vicinity heavy rain fog Temperature: 25°C / 77°F
Wind: 11.5km/h West/Southwest gusting to 18.4km/h
Cloud: Broken at 1300ft Broken at 2600ft Solid Overcast at 4700ft

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Accommodation around Todd Ferry

Harbor House at Pier 21 At Pier 21 # 28, Galveston

The Tremont House, A Wyndham Grand Hotel 2300 Ships Mechanic Row, Galveston

The Villa Bed and Breakfast 1723 25th, Galveston

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Airports close to Todd Ferry

Scholes international at galveston(GLS), Galveston, Usa (10.5km)
Ellington fld(EFD), Houston, Usa (64.1km)
William p hobby(HOU), Houston, Usa (79.5km)
George bush intcntl houston(IAH), Houston, Usa (120.9km)
Southeast texas rgnl(BPT), Beaumont, Usa (137.5km)