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The timezone in Haas Chapel is America/Iqaluit
Sunrise at 08:59 and Sunset at 18:50. It's Dark

Latitude. 38.2906°, Longitude. -86.1975°
WeatherWeather near Haas Chapel; Report from Huntingburg, IN 38km away
Weather :
Temperature: -11°C / 12°F Temperature Below Zero
Wind: 6.9km/h West/Southwest
Cloud: Sky Clear

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a building for public Christian worship.
populated place;
a city, town, village, or other agglomeration of buildings where people live and work.
a burial place or ground.
Local Feature;
A Nearby feature worthy of being marked on a map..
an elevation standing high above the surrounding area with small summit area, steep slopes and local relief of 300m or more.
a long narrow elevation with steep sides, and a more or less continuous crest.
an elongated depression usually traversed by a stream.
a body of running water moving to a lower level in a channel on land.
a place where ground water flows naturally out of the ground.
post office;
a public building in which mail is received, sorted and distributed.
a place where aircraft regularly land and take off, with runways, navigational aids, and major facilities for the commercial handling of passengers and cargo.
a low place in a ridge, not used for transportation.
administrative division;
an administrative division of a country, undifferentiated as to administrative level.
building(s) where instruction in one or more branches of knowledge takes place.

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Godman aaf(FTK), Fort knox, Usa (57.7km)
Bowman fld(LOU), Louisville, Usa (58km)
Cincinnati northern kentucky international(CVG), Cincinnati, Usa (192.9km)
Indianapolis international(IND), Indianapolis, Usa (193.4km)
Terre haute international hulman fld(HUF), Terre haute, Usa (196.4km)

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