Traveling Luck for Panamá Panamá, Panama Panama flag

Alternatively known as Ciudad de Panama, Ciudad de Panamá, Panama, Panama City, Panama by, Panama-Stadt, Panama-Urbo, Panama-stad, Panamurbo, Panamá, Ziuda de Panama, Ziudá de Panamá, Πόλη του Παναμά, Панама, פנמה סיטי, شهر پاناما, パナマシティ, 巴拿馬城, 파나마 시

The timezone in Panama is America/Panama
Morning Sunrise at 05:57 and Evening Sunset at 18:32. It's light
Rough GPS position Latitude. 8.9667°, Longitude. -79.5333°

Weather near Panamá Last report from Marcos A. Gelabert, 4.4km away

Weather Temperature: 27°C / 81°F
Wind: 4.6km/h East
Cloud: Few at 700ft Scattered at 1600ft Scattered at 8000ft

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third-order administrative division a subdivision of a second-order administrative division.

united states government establishment a facility operated by the United States Government in Panama.

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Hotel Bahia Suites Calle 31, Justo Arosamena, Panama City

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Airports close to Panamá

Marcos a gelabert international(PAC), Panama, Panama (4.4km)
Howard afb(HOW), Howard, Panama (15.9km)
Tocumen international(PTY), Panama city, Panama (34.5km)