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Alternatively known as CWOC

The timezone in New Carlisle1 is America/Danmarkshavn
Morning Sunrise at 10:55 and Evening Sunset at 22:11. It's light
Rough GPS position Latitude. 48.0167°, Longitude. -65.3333° , Elevation. 47m

Weather near New Carlisle1 Last report from New Carlisle1, 24.8km away

Weather Temperature: -6°C / 21°F Temperature Below Zero
Wind: 17.3km/h West gusting to 26.5km/h

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meteorological station a station at which weather elements are recorded.

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Gaspe(YGP), Gaspe, Canada (119.9km)
Miramichi(YCH), Chatham, Canada (128.7km)
Greater moncton international(YQM), Moncton, Canada (249.6km)