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Stare Selo 14, Lviv

Prices from 62.205 to 99.528 per night.

Property Type business Hotel- Vacation/Seminar Hotel- Business/Seminar hotel year Built 2011 ratings stars 4 Stars additional Hotel Description comfortable Rooms In Buhta Vikingiv Are Designed In classic Style With Individually Designed Furniture And decor To Create Warm And What Is More Comfortable atmosphere. Beyond The Hustle And Bustle That Consumes Us in Lviv Our Apartments Are A Paradise Of Relaxation. hotel Was Founded In 2011. We Can Offer Beach With Air playground And Air Slide In Winter Skating Rink fishing Boats And Catamarans Horse Club Hire Out Stall riding The Horse Trap Shooting At Shooting Gallery With kalashnikovs Shotgun Billiard Pool Ping Pong Table Ride the Bicycle Roller Skate Grounds For Volleyball basketball Mini Football Tennis Roller Blade Hockey paintball Wooden Bowers With Grill Russian Bath At The lake. There Is Restaurant At The Territory. There Are Wooden cottages Full Of Convenience Of Every Sort.

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