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Casa das Paredes

Medelo, Fafe

from (EUR) 60.0 per night.

The Casa das Paredes was built in the mid-seventeenth century by Pedro Simões. From this period date the ward and the kitchen facing north west. The house had the original name of 'Mature Valley Walls' for in ancient documents it appears to have existed before a building there.In front of the Chapel of Our Lady of Conception the two hundred meters of the house reads the following inscription: This chapel was sent to the House by José Simões Walls of being in the Indies'.During the Napoleonic wars the house was not spared and suffered considerable damage as well as the reign of King Miguel.The house was subsequently increased over the years for its numerous descendants. Today's Lady of the House of Walls D. Maria Helena de Araujo Vasconcelos Vilas-Boas and Alvim who made this donation to his niece D. Smolsky Maria Filomena Vilas-Boas and Alvim de Oliveira Torres married to Dr. Álvaro Augusto Cordeiro de Oliveira Torres who carried out the restoration work the house and gardens needed.

Guest Accommodation 8 Rooms

Casa de Alfena

Aldeia de Baixo Travassos, Póvoa do Lanhoso

from (EUR) 60.0 per night.

The Casa de Alfena is an eighteenth century manor house attached to a set of farm buildings and old goldsmith shops which were adapted to a unit of rental accommodation and a museum of gold.The Casa de Alfena only just been built in 1860 when Jose da Silva a wealthy merchant of jewelry and great-great grandfather of current owners Francisco de Sousa and Maria Carvalho and Carvalho de Sousa Idalina it added the imposing portal.In the late 40s the various activities of manufacturing and marketing of gold in the family are integrated in the same company under the responsibility of Adelino Antonio Rebelo the then owner of the house Alfena. It is also during this period that the company can grow significantly benefiting almost instant prosperity of many miners of tungsten in the areas of Basto and Barroso.The Casa de Alfena presents itself well not just as an eighteenth century building but as the axis of rotation of a family tradition and deep connection with the activity of manufacturing and marketing of gold and agriculture. It is located in the village of Travassos a village - shop with tradition in the manufacture of filigree on the banks of River AveThe idea of creating a Museum of Gold follows the efforts of the owner goldsmith who over fifty years of activity has been collecting loot and documentation.The floor the manicured gardens the waterfalls and fountains surrounding the pool provide a tranquil setting this house which invites lazy and regain strength.The proximity of the spa and Geres National Park Peneda-Geres with its seventy thousand acres of ecological reserve and breathtaking landscapes where they join the ethnographic and archaeological aspects make this house an ideal place to discover the region .

Guest Accommodation 5 Rooms

Pousada do Gerês - Caniçada São Bento

Pousada de Gerês Caniçada, Caniçada

from (EUR) 85.0 per night.

It is a nature hotel with a unique location right in the heart of PenedaGerês National Park. The Pousada de Gerês Caniçada São Bento has a breathtaking view over the river Cávado and the peaceful Caniçada dam. These are landscapes to remember while appreciating a delicious appetizer on the Pousada's terrace looking down at the beautiful sunset reflected on the water.

Hotel 38 Rooms

Comfort Inn Fafe-Guimarães

Av. do Brasil, Fafe

from (EUR) 30.4 per night.

9 MINUTES FROM GUIMARÃES.The Comfort Inn Fafe is located in the heart of Minho region near downtown Fafe. Its 58 rooms are equipped with all modern comforts such as air conditioning direct dial telephone data-port and satellite TV.The hotel has a very pleasant restaurant where you can enjoy a nice meal. For a drink in the evening you may try our lobby-bar.Comfort Inn Fafe also offers three conference and banqueting rooms as well as private parking.In the outskirts of Fafe you can visit the Romanesque Church of Arões the Hidroelectric Museum the Regional Car Museum and Queimadela Dam. Among the local handicraft we refer the embroideries the sieves and basket-making.

Hotel 58 Rooms

Pousada de Geres Amares - Santa Maria do Bouro

Santa Maria do Bouro, Amares

from (EUR) 108.8 per night.

Between the city of Braga and the Gerês mountain range stands the Pousada de Amares Sta. Maria do Bouro result of the restoration of a former Cistercian Monastery and one of the most characteristic of that period in Portugal. In accordance with the monastic severity but with a comfortable and modern decoration this historic luxury hotel is an absolute must to discover the cultural sites of Minho.

Hotel 32 Rooms

Pousada de Guimarães - Santa Marinha

Convento dos Agostinhos Largo Domingos Leite de Castro Lugar da Costa, Guimarães

from (EUR) 102.0 per night.

Near the historical centre of Guimarães set on a hill overlooking the city we find the majestic Pousada de Guimarães Santa Marinha a former XII Century Augustin Monastery which after being rebuilt and restored received the National Architectural Prize in 1985. This historic luxury hotel has unique charming points like the superb gardens to be counted among the best Portuguese's gardens a magnificent stone staircase and an artificial lake can be found among the trees. The rich Portuguese glazed tiles the cloisters the terraces over the city will together with the magnificent cuisine and wines make you wish to stay for a very long time.

Hotel 51 Rooms

Pousada de Guimarães - Nossa Sra. da Oliveira

Rua de Santa Maria, Guimarães

from (EUR) 95.2 per night.

The Pousada de Guimarães Nossa Sra. da Oliveira is located in the medieval historical centre of Guimarães traditionally known as the birthplace of the Portuguese nation. This charming hotel pousada has been successfully adapted from a private manor house and offers all the comfort of modern amenities while maintains the charm and privacy characteristics. From the windows you can enjoy looking over the church steeples and ancient rooftops inviting you to get to know the surrounding Medieval streets leading to the majestic monuments so characteristic of the city.It is part of the liveliness of the city helping to reflect its century old traditions. Staying at this Pousada and walking through the narrow streets that lead to the castle and to the Palace of the Dukes is like discovering the history of Portugal.

Hotel 16 Rooms

Casa da Tojeira

Arco de Baúlhe, Cabeceiras de Basto

from (EUR) 72.0 per night.

The Casa da Tojeira surprises the traveler who set out to explore the region of Basto. After many curves on twisting roads come to this magnificent house of the seventeenth century and a pleasure perhaps only compared with the arrival in an oasis after the desert. The house commanding in the middle of lawns and cleaned and trimmed looks only comfortable to look outside. The completion of this first impression of pleasure the friendly welcome that Charles Jordan and his wife welcome the guests. Tiredness and forgotten within a bed of white linen sheets and the silence of the night and cut only by the singing of crickets outside. The three facades and architectural caractel1sticas the house witnessed the various changes that the house has undergone over time. In the southern angle the old kitchen is perfectly preserved with a huge chimney fireplace and ovens to keep the rustic side. It was recently decorated like a small museum where you can see craft objects antique kitchen utensils towels and dishes that are exposed by reviving old practices.The project to refurbish the house was designed by the architect Noe Diniz and their adaptation to the guest house you added convenience and comfort without modifying the previous structure.The Casa da Tojeira property is set in 20 hectares which produces a famous vinho verde the guest can buy or taste. The woods and the gardens surrounding the house large and pleasant and refined and welcoming atmosphere of this house will give back and stay for several days in the quiet of the countryside.

Guest Accommodation 12 Rooms

Villa Hotel Guimarães

A. D. João IV S. Sebastião, Guimarães

from (EUR) 60.0 per night.

Opened since June of 2004 this Hotel is located in the boundaries of Historical Center of Guimarães Worldwide Heritage classified by Unesco as well as in one of the most dynamic axis of the town. At Villa Hotel Guimarães you find high skillful services that are performed through a variety of unexpected bright and generously dimensioned environments. The sophistication of its straight and nude aesthetics demonstrates the quality of the construction and the oddly high comfort levels.

47 Rooms

Casa dos Pombais Londres 100, Guimarães

from (EUR) 48.0 per night.

This 18th century manor house is situated in the heart of the historic centre of Guimarães and has been in the ownership of the Sousa e Silveira family for more than 200 years. The location and hospitality of the owners is one of the hallmarks of this typical Minho house which is set in a lovely garden.Situated on the doorsteps of the city Casa dos Pombais is a typical solar minhoto surrounded by magical vineyards and a beautiful garden with pleasant orange trees endless seedbeds and a timeless fountain where innumerable birds fly freely. Tastefully refurbished it delights its visitors with its valuable ancient furniture and art objects including silvers crystals and ceramics.Inspired by this sense of tradition guests are invited to explore the multiple creative and recreational activities available.

Guest Accommodation 2 Rooms

Casa de Canedo

Barreiro - CP 101 - Canedo Celorico de Basto, Braga

from (EUR) 60.0 per night.

The Casa de Canedo known locally as Casa do Barreiro enchanted by the contrast of yellow ocher with the original gray granite and green of the surrounding nature. Located in Terras de Basto a region famous for its natural beauty and wine is near the towns of Headwaters and Celorico de Basto Basto.Its history dates back to the seventeenth century a time when it was built. Their owners know that it belonged to the family and descendants of axes de Andrade and in 1917 the legacy of the last owner passed into the hands of Mercy of Margate. Past few decades more precisely in 1940 was eventually sold at public auction to the Agricultural Society of Basto Fernando Rau.The manor is set in a beautiful farm of 90 hectares whose predominant activities are forestry and wine production. It has a square with plant architecture and interior courtyard. One of the wings the most recent was built in the late eighteenth century the comfortable and is entitled New Homes. Its large rooms with the touch of a family environment host who goes there with the facilities necessary to the well-being and tranquility. The seven rooms five doubles and two normal are decorated with taste and sobriety. Those looking to unwind abroad is available to large gardens a pool and a beach house near the river.

Guest Accommodation 9 Rooms

Quinta de Cima de Eiriz

Rua da Teixugueira193 Calvos, Guimarães

from (EUR) 48.0 per night.

The Quinta de Cima is set within typical Minho landscape of great beauty in the small village of Calvos about 10 kms from Guimarães. The house is situated on the Monte da Penha hills so the views are magnificent and the atmosphere utterly peaceful. There is a swimming pool and games room. From this house located in the hill of Penha the visitor can enjoy the peacefull of the country in a health ambience ecological balanced that together with a magnificent view make this place ideal for a relaxing holidays far away from the big cities noise.

Guest Accommodation 4 Rooms

Casa do Campo

Molares, Celorico de Basto

from (EUR) 60.0 per night.

Preceded by a large granite gate and isolated in one of the nicest region of Basto is the Casa do Campo the mansion of the seventeenth century fairly representative of the Portuguese sun. Along the main access door stands the chapel dated 1763 famously Renaissance style with a few jars of the era among which stands out of the patroness Our Lady of the Abbey. Since its inception has the privilege of reserving the Blessed Sacrament and is the subject of a procession that takes place every year.Inside reveals a decoration inherited from past times with period furniture which includes well-kept and beautiful show peineta padded armchairs and screens. The adorn the dining room stand out closets displaying ancient pottery and coffee services. Here are the corners of the house where you can admire ancient chandeliers mirrors and a collection of old photographs. All rooms and rooms of the house including the dining room and piano room are available to guests. In the bedroom the atmosphere is friendly with built-in beds and linen embroidery and lamps that emanate camilhas dim light.Outside there are several alternatives for leisure: a playground a pool or a river beach where you can take a dip. But what stands out most in this house is undoubtedly your garden of the eighteenth century crossed by walks and clipped hedges of camellias some of them according to experts the oldest in Portugal.

Guest Accommodation 10 Rooms