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The timezone in Ardmore Point is Europe/London
Morning Sunrise at 08:36 and Evening Sunset at 16:00. It's light
Rough GPS position Latitude. 54.5000°, Longitude. -6.4167°

Weather near Ardmore Point Last report from Belfast / Aldergrove Airport, 23.9km away

Weather Temperature: 10°C / 50°F
Wind: 13.8km/h South/Southeast
Cloud: Broken at 1000ft

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estate(s) a large commercialized agricultural landholding with associated buildings and other facilities.

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Airports close to Ardmore Point

Aldergrove(BFS), Belfast, North ireland (23.9km)
City(BHD), Belfast, North ireland (41.2km)
Londonderry eglinton(LDY), Londonderry, North ireland (84.4km)
St angelo(ENK), Enniskillen, England (88.7km)
Dublin(DUB), Dublin, Ireland (132.4km)

Airfields or small strips close to Ardmore Point

West freugh, West freugh, U.k. (112.2km)
Casement, Casement, Ireland (146.5km)
Donegal, Donegal, Ireland (150.8km)
Valley, Valley, U.k. (204.9km)
Mona, Mona, U.k. (211.9km)