Traveling Luck for Eskilstuna Södermanlands Län, Sweden Sweden flag

Alternatively known as Eskilstuna

The timezone in Eskilstuna is Europe/Stockholm
Morning Sunrise at 08:34 and Evening Sunset at 15:34. It's Dark
Rough GPS position Latitude. 59.3667°, Longitude. 16.5000°

Weather near Eskilstuna Last report from Vasteras / Hasslo, 27.7km away

Weather light snow Temperature: -4°C / 25°F Temperature Below Zero
Wind: 9.2km/h Northwest
Cloud: Broken at 1100ft Solid Overcast at 1400ft

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populated place a city, town, village, or other agglomeration of buildings where people live and work.

farm a tract of land with associated buildings devoted to agriculture.

farms tracts of land with associated buildings devoted to agriculture.

lake a large inland body of standing water.

Accommodation around Eskilstuna

CITY HOTEL Jarnvagsplan 1, Eskilstuna

Best Western Plaza Hotel Drottninggatan 9, Eskilstuna

Elite Stadshotellet Eskilstuna Hamngatan 11, Eskilstuna

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airfield a place on land where aircraft land and take off; no facilities provided for the commercial handling of passengers and cargo.

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Airports close to Eskilstuna

Vasteras(VST), Vasteras, Sweden (27.7km)
Skavsta(NYO), Stockholm, Sweden (73.4km)
Bromma(BMA), Stockholm, Sweden (87.6km)
Orebro(ORB), Orebro, Sweden (90.7km)
Arlanda(ARN), Stockholm, Sweden (92.2km)

Airfields or small strips close to Eskilstuna

Eskilstuna, Eskilstuna, Sweden (12.8km)
Arboga, Arboga, Sweden (35.1km)
Strangnas, Strangnas, Sweden (37.6km)
Bjorkvik, Bjorkvik, Sweden (68.8km)
Barkarby, Stockholm, Sweden (84.6km)