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Alternatively known as Kuvnetsk, Kuznetsk, Kuznetsk-Sibirskiy, NOVOKUZNECK, Novokoeznetsk, Novokuzneck, Novokuznetsk, Novokuznjeck, Novokuzněck, Novokuzњeck, Nowokusnezk, Nowokuznieck, Nowokuźnieck, Stalinsk, НОВОКУЗНЕЦК , Новокузнецк, Новокузњецк, ノヴォクズネツク, 노보쿠즈네츠크

The timezone in Novokuznetsk is Asia/Novosibirsk
Morning Sunrise at 03:57 and Evening Sunset at 20:20. It's light
Rough GPS position Latitude. 53.7500°, Longitude. 87.1000°

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fourth-order administrative division a subdivision of a third-order administrative division.

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VERONA HOTEL 82A Stroitelei prospect, Novokuznetsk

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Kemerovo(KEJ), Kemorovo, Russia (198.3km)