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The timezone in Uraz - Ruiny is Europe/Warsaw
Sunrise at 07:46 and Sunset at 15:44. It's light

Latitude. 51.2433°, Longitude. 16.8524°
WeatherWeather near Uraz - Ruiny; Report from Wroclaw Ii, 17.7km away
Weather : No significant weather
Temperature: 7°C / 45°F
Wind: 15km/h South
Cloud: Sky Clear

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Airports close to Uraz - Ruiny

Strachowice(WRO), Wroclaw, Poland (17.7km)
Babimost(IEG), Zielona gora, Poland (137.5km)
Lawica(POZ), Poznan, Poland (145.9km)
Pardubice(PED), Pardubice, Czech republic (177km)
Bautzen(BBJ), Bautzen, Germany (182.1km)

Airfields or small airports close to Uraz - Ruiny

Hradec kralove, Hradec kralove, Czech republic (146.9km)
Rothenburg gorlitz, Rothenburg/ol, Germany (148.7km)
Mnichovo hradiste, Mnichovo hradiste, Czech republic (169.7km)
Preschen, Preschen, Germany (179.7km)
Cottbus drewitz, Cottbus, Germany (196.4km)

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