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The timezone in Oud-Bodegraven is Europe/Amsterdam
Sunrise at 08:38 and Sunset at 17:06. It's Dark

Latitude. 52.0833°, Longitude. 4.7333°
WeatherWeather near Oud-Bodegraven; Report from Valkenburg, 25.7km away
Weather :
Temperature: 5°C / 41°F
Wind: 19.6km/h West/Southwest
Cloud: Few at 2100ft Broken at 3700ft

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Airports close to Oud-Bodegraven

Valkenburg(LID), Valkenburg, Netherlands (25.7km)
Rotterdam(RTM), Rotterdam, Netherlands (27.2km)
Schiphol(AMS), Amsterdam, Netherlands (27.9km)
Soesterberg(UTC), Soesterberg, Netherlands (41.7km)
Woensdrecht(WOE), Woensdrecht, Netherlands (84.1km)

Airfields or small airports close to Oud-Bodegraven

Gilze rijen, Gilze-rijen, Netherlands (65.6km)
Lelystad, Lelystad, Netherlands (76.1km)
Deelen, Deelen, Netherlands (86.9km)
Weelde, Weelde, Belgium (87km)
Braaschaat, Brasschaat, Belgium (94.6km)

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