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The timezone in De Laagte is Europe/Amsterdam
Sunrise at 08:35 and Sunset at 16:13. It's Dark

Latitude. 53.2500°, Longitude. 7.1333°
WeatherWeather near De Laagte; Report from Groningen Airport Eelde, 43.9km away
Weather :
Temperature: 0°C / 32°F
Wind: 6.9km/h West/Southwest
Cloud: Few at 2800ft Solid Overcast at 3200ft

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Airports close to De Laagte

Emden(EME), Emden, Germany (18.6km)
Eelde(GRQ), Groningen, Netherlands (43.9km)
Borkum(BMK), Borkum, Germany (52.5km)
Norderney(NRD), Norderney, Germany (56.5km)
Wilhelmshaven mariensiel(WVN), Wilhelmshaven, Germany (74.4km)

Airfields or small airports close to De Laagte

Leer papenburg, Leer, Germany (22.9km)
Wittmundhafen, Wittmundhafen, Germany (53.6km)
Jever, Jever, Germany (65.4km)
Drachten, Drachten, Netherlands (75.8km)
Hopsten, Hopsten, Germany (116.3km)

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