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The timezone in Marina d'Avola is Europe/Rome
Sunrise at 07:01 and Sunset at 16:43. It's Dark

Latitude. 36.9000°, Longitude. 15.1333°
WeatherWeather near Marina d'Avola; Report from SIGONELLA NAS, null 72.2km away
Weather :
Temperature: 15°C / 59°F
Wind: 2.3km/h East/Southeast
Cloud: Broken at 25000ft

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Airports close to Marina d'Avola

Sigonella(NSY), Sigonella, Italy (72.7km)
Catania fontanarossa(CTA), Catania, Italy (78.2km)
Luqa(MLA), Malta, Malta (161.9km)
Reggio calabria(REG), Reggio calabria, Italy (170.2km)

Airfields or small airports close to Marina d'Avola

Malta acc, Malta acc, Malta (157.9km)

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