Traveling Luck for Bellahy Sligo, Ireland Ireland flag

The timezone in Bellahy is Europe/Dublin
Morning Sunrise at 06:18 and Evening Sunset at 18:37. It's Dark
Rough GPS position Latitude. 53.9689°, Longitude. -8.7953°

Weather near Bellahy Last report from Connaught, 7.4km away

Weather Temperature: 8°C / 46°F
Wind: 2.3km/h North
Cloud: Few at 1600ft Broken at 4500ft

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farm a tract of land with associated buildings devoted to agriculture.

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Airports close to Bellahy

Connaught(NOC), Connaught, Ireland (7.4km)
Sligo(SXL), Sligo, Ireland (40.5km)
Galway(GWY), Galway, Ireland (82.5km)
St angelo(ENK), Enniskillen, England (97.3km)
Shannon(SNN), Shannon, Ireland (155.8km)

Airfields or small strips close to Bellahy

Donegal, Donegal, Ireland (135.1km)
Casement, Casement, Ireland (189.8km)