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Also known as Clermont
The timezone in Clermont is Europe/Dublin
Sunrise at 08:09 and Sunset at 16:14. It's Dark

Latitude. 54.0922°, Longitude. -6.3253° , Elevation. 446m
WeatherWeather near Clermont; Report from Belfast / Aldergrove Airport, 69.4km away
Weather : No significant weather
Temperature: 1°C / 34°F
Wind: 10.4km/h West/Southwest
Cloud: Sky Clear

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Airports close to Clermont

Aldergrove(BFS), Belfast, North ireland (69.4km)
City(BHD), Belfast, North ireland (71.8km)
Dublin(DUB), Dublin, Ireland (82.3km)
St angelo(ENK), Enniskillen, England (102km)
Isle of man(IOM), Isle of man, England (122.3km)

Airfields or small airports close to Clermont

Casement, Casement, Ireland (97.1km)
West freugh, West freugh, U.k. (134.7km)
Valley, Valley, U.k. (166.3km)
Mona, Mona, U.k. (174.9km)
Donegal, Donegal, Ireland (184km)

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