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The timezone in Alt-Rhein is Europe/Berlin
Sunrise at 08:13 and Sunset at 16:26. It's Dark

Latitude. 49.4333°, Longitude. 8.4667°
WeatherWeather near Alt-Rhein; Report from Baden Wurttemberg, Neuostheim, 6.2km away
Weather :
Temperature: 1°C / 34°F
Wind: 5.8km/h South/Southeast
Cloud: Few at 3500ft

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Airports close to Alt-Rhein

Mannheim city(MHG), Mannheim, Germany (6.2km)
Heidelberg aaf(QHD), Heidelberg, Germany (16km)
Speyer(ZQC), Speyer, Germany (16.5km)
Ramstein ab(RMS), Ramstein, Germany (70.9km)
Frankfurt main(FRA), Frankfurt, Germany (74.6km)

Airfields or small airports close to Alt-Rhein

Coleman aaf, Coleman, Germany (16.3km)
Worms, Worms, Germany (23.2km)
Karlsruhe forchheim, Karlsruhe, Germany (57.8km)
Egelsbach, Egelsbach, Germany (67.7km)
Mainz finthen, Mainz, Germany (72km)

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