Traveling Luck for Notre-Dame-de-Cenilly Basse-Normandie, France France flag

Alternatively known as Notre-Dame

The timezone in Notre-Dame-de-Cenilly is Europe/Paris
Morning Sunrise at 07:26 and Evening Sunset at 18:14. It's Dark
Rough GPS position Latitude. 49.0000°, Longitude. -1.2500°

Weather near Notre-Dame-de-Cenilly Last report from Caen, 69.7km away

Weather No significant weather Temperature: 9°C / 48°F
Wind: 4.6km/h Southeast
Cloud: Sky Clear

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forest(s) an area dominated by tree vegetation.

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Airports close to Notre-Dame-de-Cenilly

Carpiquet(CFR), Caen, France (69.7km)
Jersey(JER), Jersey, England (82.4km)
Maupertus(CER), Cherbourg, France (83.7km)
Pleurtuit(DNR), Dinard, France (86.5km)
Guernsey(GCI), Guernsey, Guernsey isld. (124.1km)

Airfields or small strips close to Notre-Dame-de-Cenilly

Granville, Granville, France (30km)
Couterne, Bagnole-de-l'orne, France (92km)
Pontivy, Pontivy, France (183.9km)
Avrille, Angers, France (198.7km)