Traveling Luck for Bordeaux Aquitaine, France France flag

Alternatively known as Bordeaux, Bordele, Bordeos - Bordeaux, Bordeu, Bordeus, Bordozo, Bordèu, Bordéus, Burdeos, Burdigala, Бордо, בורדו, بردو, بوردو, ボルドー, 波尔多

The timezone in Bordeaux is Europe/Paris
Morning Sunrise at 05:22 and Evening Sunset at 20:37. It's light
Rough GPS position Latitude. 44.8333°, Longitude. -0.5667°

Weather near Bordeaux Last report from Bordeaux / Merignac, 13.7km away

Weather Temperature: 16°C / 61°F
Wind: 5.8km/h North
Cloud: Few at 1600ft Scattered at 3900ft Broken at 5200ft

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Teneo Apparthotel 4 cours Barbey, Bordeaux

La Maison Fredon 5, rue Porte de la Monnaie, Bordeaux

Quality Hotel Sainte Catherine 27 rue du parlement Sainte Catherine, Bordeaux

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Airports close to Bordeaux

Merignac(BOD), Bordeaux, France (13.7km)
La teste de buch(XAC), Arcachon, France (58.9km)
Roumaniere(EGC), Bergerac, France (100km)
Chateaubernard(CNG), Cognac, France (109km)
Medis(RYN), Royan, France (109.1km)

Airfields or small strips close to Bordeaux

Artigues de lussac, Libourne, France (44.2km)
Cazaux, Cazaux, France (64.7km)
Virazeil, Marmande, France (83.2km)
Mimizan, Mimizan, France (105.6km)
Mont de marsan, Mont-de-marsan, France (119.9km)