Traveling Luck for Putkaste Läänemaa, Estonia Estonia flag

The timezone in Putkaste is Europe/Tallinn
Morning Sunrise at 08:51 and Evening Sunset at 16:22. It's light
Rough GPS position Latitude. 58.8419°, Longitude. 23.8225°

Weather near Putkaste Last report from Kardla, 63.7km away

Weather light snow mist Temperature: -3°C / 27°F Temperature Below Zero
Wind: 10.4km/h South
Cloud: Scattered at 500ft Broken at 1300ft

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Airports close to Putkaste

Tallinn(TLL), Tallinn-ulemiste international, Estonia (92km)
Helsinki malmi(HEM), Helsinki, Finland (183.4km)
Helsinki vantaa(HEL), Helsinki, Finland (188.6km)
Turku(TKU), Turku, Finland (219.7km)

Airfields or small strips close to Putkaste

Amari, Armari air force base, Estonia (55km)
Kardla, Kardla, Estonia (63.7km)
Parnu, Parnu, Estonia (64.8km)
Kuressaare, Kuressaare, Estonia (109.9km)
Hanko, Hanko, Finland (128km)