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Alternatively known as Jarve, KOKHTLA-JARVE, Kochtel, Kohtla Jerve, Kohtla Jervė, Kohtla-Jaerve, Kohtla-Jaervi, Kohtla-Jerve, Kohtla-Järve, Kohtla-Järvi, Kokhtla, Kokhtla-Jarve, Kokhtla-Yarve, Kotayarvi, Turpsal, Tyurpsal', Türpsal, КОХТЛА-ЯРВЕ , Кохтла-Ярве, კოხტლა-იარვე

The timezone in Kohtla-Jarve is Europe/Tallinn
Morning Sunrise at 03:25 and Evening Sunset at 20:50. It's light
Rough GPS position Latitude. 59.3986°, Longitude. 27.2731°

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Airports close to Kohtla-Järve

Tallinn(TLL), Tallinn-ulemiste international, Estonia (148.1km)
Helsinki malmi(HEM), Helsinki, Finland (167.7km)
Helsinki vantaa(HEL), Helsinki, Finland (176.4km)
Utti(QVY), Utti, Finland (178.8km)
Pulkovo(LED), St. petersburg, Russia (186.5km)

Airfields or small strips close to Kohtla-Järve

Tartu, Tartu-ulenurme, Estonia (135.1km)
Amari, Armari air force base, Estonia (187.4km)
Selanpaa, Selanpaa, Finland (199.2km)
Hyvinkaa, Hyvinkaa, Finland (205.9km)
Parnu, Parnu, Estonia (208.6km)