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Also known as Bosna-Sarai, Saraevo, Sarajeva, Sarajevo, Sarajewo, Saraxevo - Sarajevo, Saraybosna, Szarajevo, Szarajevó, Vrh Bosna, Σαράγεβο, Сараева, Сараево, Сарајево, Սարաևո, סראייבו, سراييفو, ሳራዬቮ, サラエボ, 塞拉耶佛, 사라예보
The timezone in Sarajevo is Europe/Sarajevo
Sunrise at 06:41 and Sunset at 17:19. It's light

Latitude. 43.8500°, Longitude. 18.3833°
WeatherWeather near Sarajevo; Report from Sarajevo, 5.9km away
Weather : light rain
Temperature: 3°C / 37°F
Wind: 1.2km/h
Cloud: Scattered at 1500ft Solid Overcast at 3000ft

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Airports close to Sarajevo

Sarajevo(SJJ), Sarajevo, Bosnia-hercegovina (5.9km)
Mostar(OMO), Mostar, Bosnia-hercegovina (90km)
Dubrovnik(DBV), Dubrovnik, Croatia (169.3km)
Tivat(TIV), Tivat, Yugoslavia (192.4km)
Split(SPU), Split, Croatia (201.7km)

Airfields or small airports close to Sarajevo

Banja luka, Banja luka, Bosnia-hercegovina (174.2km)

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