Traveling Luck for Bahnhof Mariahof-Sankt Lambrecht Steiermark, Austria Austria flag

The timezone in Bahnhof Mariahof-Sankt Lambrecht is Europe/Vienna
Morning Sunrise at 07:38 and Evening Sunset at 16:50. It's Dark
Rough GPS position Latitude. 47.1000°, Longitude. 14.3667°

Weather near Bahnhof Mariahof-Sankt Lambrecht Last report from Zeltweg, 35.3km away

Weather Temperature: -7°C / 19°F Temperature Below Zero
Wind: 3.5km/h Northwest

Satellite map of Bahnhof Mariahof-Sankt Lambrecht and it's surroudings...

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Accommodation around Bahnhof Mariahof-Sankt Lambrecht

JerĂ  am Furtnerteich Stablob 81a, Mariahof

AUSTRIA TREND LAMBRECHTERHOF Hauptstrasse 38-40, Sankt Lambrecht

Hotel JUFA Oberwoelz Stadt 24, Oberwoelz Stadt

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Klagenfurt(aus-afb)(KLU), Klagenfurt, Austria (57.6km)
Graz mil/civ(GRZ), Graz, Austria (93.9km)
Ljubljana(LJU), Ljubliana, Slovenia (112.4km)
Maribor(MBX), Maribor, Slovenia (140.3km)
Horsching international airport (aus - afb)(LNZ), Linz, Austria (144.9km)

Airfields or small strips close to Bahnhof Mariahof-Sankt Lambrecht

Zeltweg, Zeltweg, Austria (35.3km)
Klagenfurt, Klagenfurt, Austria (58.5km)
Graz, Graz, Austria (94.6km)
Slovenj gradec, Slovenj gradec, Slovenia (103.8km)
Wels, Wels, Austria (140.4km)