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The timezone in Estany Moreno is Europe/Andorra
Sunrise at 08:16 and Sunset at 17:55. It's Dark

Latitude. 42.5167°, Longitude. 1.6333°
WeatherWeather near Estany Moreno; Report from St-Girons, 82.5km away
Weather : No significant weather
Temperature: 5°C / 41°F
Wind: 5.8km/h South/Southeast
Cloud: Sky Clear

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talus slope;
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Airports close to Estany Moreno

Seo de urgel(LEU), Seo de urgel, Spain (32.1km)
Salvaza(CCF), Carcassonne, France (112.5km)
Rivesaltes(PGF), Perpignan, France (123.8km)
Lherm(LRH), La rochelle, France (127.5km)
Girona(GRO), Gerona, Spain (137.3km)

Airfields or small airports close to Estany Moreno

Les pujols, Pamiers, France (75.7km)
Antichan, St.-girons, France (82.5km)
Lezignan corbieres, Lezignan-corbieres, France (137.2km)
Francazal, Toulouse, France (137.4km)
Montaudran, Toulouse, France (138.8km)

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