Traveling Luck for Bllata e Poshtëme Dibër, Albania Albania flag

Alternatively known as Bllata e Posther, Bllata e Posthër, Bllate e Poshteme, Bllate e Poshter, Bllate e Poshtme, Bllatë e Poshtme, Bllatë e Poshtëme, Bllatë e Poshtër, Dolnje Blato

The timezone in Bllata e Poshteme is Europe/Tirane
Morning Sunrise at 06:57 and Evening Sunset at 16:43. It's Dark
Rough GPS position Latitude. 41.5619°, Longitude. 20.4764°

Weather near Bllata e Poshtëme Last report from Ohrid, 57.3km away

Weather light rain Temperature: 1°C / 34°F
Wind: 3.5km/h Northwest
Cloud: Broken at 1000ft Solid Overcast at 5000ft

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tower a high conspicuous structure, typically much higher than its diameter.

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Accommodation around Bllata e Poshtëme

KALIN HOTEL Lazaropole village, Lazaropole

DIPLOMAT HOTEL New Veleshta, 6330

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Airports close to Bllata e Poshtëme

Ohrid(OHD), Ohrid, Former macedonia (57.3km)
Tirana rinas(TIA), Tirana, Albania (77.9km)
Skopje(SKP), Skopje, Former macedonia (125.3km)
Pristina(PRN), Pristina, Yugoslavia (144.5km)
Podgorica(TGD), Podgorica, Yugoslavia (160.4km)