Traveling Luck for Khawr al Murshidīyah Abū Z̧aby, United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates flag

The timezone in Khawr al Murshidiyah is Asia/Dubai
Morning Sunrise at 05:33 and Evening Sunset at 19:13. It's Dark
Rough GPS position Latitude. 24.5319°, Longitude. 54.5036°

Weather near Khawr al Murshidīyah Last report from Abu Dhabi Bateen Airport, 17.4km away

Weather Temperature: 31°C / 88°F
Wind: 3.5km/h West/Southwest
Cloud: No significant clouds

Satellite map of Khawr al Murshidīyah and it's surroudings...

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marine channel that part of a body of water deep enough for navigation through an area otherwise not suitable.

populated place a city, town, village, or other agglomeration of buildings where people live and work.

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Airports close to Khawr al Murshidīyah

Bateen(AZI), Abu dhabi, United arab emirates (17.4km)
Abu dhabi international(AUH), Abu dhabi, United arab emirates (26km)
Dubai international(DXB), Dubai, United arab emirates (165.2km)
Sharjah international(SHJ), Sharjah, United arab emirates (188.8km)

Airfields or small strips close to Khawr al Murshidīyah

Al dhafra, Abu dhabi, United arab emirates (44.6km)
Al ain international, Al ain, United arab emirates (163.1km)
Zirku, Zirku, United arab emirates (208.4km)
Sirri island, Siri island, Iran (212.5km)
Abumusa island, Abumusa i., Iran (220.2km)