Traveling Luck for Dūmā Rīf Dimashq, Syria Syria flag

Alternatively known as Douma

The timezone in Duma is Asia/Damascus
Morning Sunrise at 06:31 and Evening Sunset at 16:28. It's light
Rough GPS position Latitude. 33.5833°, Longitude. 36.4000°

Weather near Dūmā Last report from Damascus Int. Airport, 28km away

Weather Temperature: 12°C / 54°F
Wind: 11.5km/h East/Northeast
Cloud: Scattered at 3000ft Broken at 10000ft

Satellite map of Dūmā and it's surroudings...

Geographic features & Photographs around Dūmā in Rīf Dimashq, Syria

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farm a tract of land with associated buildings devoted to agriculture.

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Airports close to Dūmā

Damascus international(DAM), Damascus, Syria (28km)
Beirut international(BEY), Beirut, Lebanon (112.8km)
Mahanaim i ben yaakov(RPN), Rosh pina, Israel (130.9km)
King hussein(OMF), Mafraq, Jordan (175.9km)
Haifa(HFA), Haifa, Israel (196.1km)

Airfields or small strips close to Dūmā

Rene mouawad, Kleiat, Lebanon (149.2km)
Ramat david, Ramat david, Israel (196.5km)
Megiddo, Megido airstrip, Israel (198.6km)