Traveling Luck for Quetta Balochistān, Pakistan Pakistan flag

Alternatively known as Kotah, Kwatah, Kweta, Quetta, Shal, Shalkot, Shāl, Shālkot, کویته, クエッタ, 奎達, 퀘타

The timezone in Quetta is Asia/Karachi
Morning Sunrise at 05:34 and Evening Sunset at 19:23. It's Dark
Rough GPS position Latitude. 30.1872°, Longitude. 67.0125°

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QUETTA SERENA HOTEL Shahrah E Zarghoon, Quetta

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Quetta(UET), Quetta, Pakistan (13.4km)

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Nushki, Naushki, Pakistan (158.8km)