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Alternatively known as Fortaleza de Sao Joao Baptista de Ajuda, Fortaleza de São João Baptista de Ajudá, Ouidah, Sao Joao Baptista de Ajuda, São João Baptista de Ajudá, Whydah, Wida, 圣约翰堡

The timezone in Ouidah is Africa/Porto-Novo
Morning Sunrise at 06:35 and Evening Sunset at 19:01. It's light
Rough GPS position Latitude. 6.3667°, Longitude. 2.0833°

Weather near Ouidah Last report from Cotonou, 59.4km away

Weather Temperature: 30°C / 86°F
Wind: 9.2km/h West/Southwest
Cloud: Scattered at 1100ft Few Cumulonimbus at 2300ft

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railroad station a facility comprising ticket office, platforms, etc. for loading and unloading train passengers and freight.

lake a large inland body of standing water.

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Airports close to Ouidah

Cotonou cadjehoun(COO), Cotonou, Benin (59.4km)
Lome tokoin(LFW), Lome, Togo (168.8km)